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BERLIN Black clad crowds stormed past closed and boarded banks, businesses and stores, shouting anti fascist and anti capitalist slogans in Berlin's trendy Kreuzberg district.

But leftist protests like this one on May Day have for many years ended not in song but riots, car burnings and broken shop windows.

Right wing incidents are still more prevalent: The German Interior Ministry Bivirkninger reported recently that the far right accounted for most politically motivated crimes with 17,042 acts in 2013, down 3.3% from 2012. The vast majority of those crimes were not of violence but of "propaganda," such as displaying the swastika or other "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" banned symbols. Violent crimes by these groups "büyüme hormonu eczane fiyatı" dropped less than 1% to 837.

Yet, leftist crimes rose 40% to 8,673 acts in 2013, nearly half of which were property damage. Violent crimes by leftists rose 28% to 1,659 ?? largely altercations with police and right wing groups during demonstrations.

"The increase in politically motivated crimes is alarming," said Germany's interior minister, Thomas de Comprar Levitra Maizire, earlier this week.

"Violence by extreme left wing offenders increased and the number of anti foreigner crimes increased last year, too," he said. "More people were injured through politically motivated crimes than in previous years."

Politicians and experts say the increase in left wing crimes is partially related to the parliamentary elections in Germany last September, which saw an increase in vandalism, such as "the defacement of election posters," according to de Maizire.

But the main reason for the increase in "violent crimes" is the ongoing protest over the fate a former theater in Hamburg occupied by squatters since 1989 and the city's recent decision to redevelop the site and kick them out, say analysts.

Demonstrations there last Comprar Gh Jintropin year often ended in riots and standoffs with police.

"The increase is not reflected Germany wide, rather it is connected to the Rote Flora," said Anetta Kahane, director of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, a Berlin based organization that fights right wing extremism and anti Semitism. "Left wing extremist crimes increased around the riots in Hamburg and that is the one place."

Rote Flora protesters are leading what they see as a fight against the repurposing of the building and this fits into the wider fight against gentrification one of the main battlegrounds for the left.

In cities such as Berlin and Hamburg, some burn luxury cars and smear graffiti on walls in a bid to halt what they call "gentrification," or the improvement of housing that can cause real estate values to rise along with the expense of housing for poorer residents.

The aim is to scare off investors, but the police are frequently the targets of left wing violence, particularly during demonstrations, say analysts.

"Right wing extremists would never think of attacking the police it doesn't fit into their ideology," said Viola Neu, an expert in political extremism at the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, a Berlin based political think tank. "For left wing groups who are fighting what they see as the repressive state, this often means seeking conflict with the police during protests."

According to the government's figures, around 170 police officers were injured in December 2013 in riots connected to the Rote Flora, while the far left committed 953 violent offenses in total against police officers last year. They are often dubbed the "black block" because they sport black clothing and masks.

But some of these are "event tourists" who dress like autonome have no political ideology and "just want to throw stones at the police," Neu added. Others become incensed against right wing demonstrations and sometimes go on the attack.

"There are always small groups or some individuals in the anti fascist left willing to use violence against the right because they feel they have a mandate to fight far right extremism," Neu said.

Demonstrations held by far right parties such as the National Democratic Party (NPD) are almost always dwarfed by huge counter demonstrations from left wing groups and other citizens.

For instance, the NPD canceled a May 1 rally after a rally in late April against "multiculturalism" Testosterone Enanthate Liver in ethnically diverse Kreuzberg was cut short when thousands of counter demonstrators showed up and blockaded them.

Still, the increase in left wing crimes in recent years has led some, including one of Germany's top police Turinabol Long Term Side Effects officers, Rainer Wendt, to warn of a possible "renaissance of left wing terrorism" reminiscent of the Red Army Faction.

The RAF launched a campaign of violence against members of the German elite starting in the 1970s, which led to the deaths of more than 30 people. Neu said this cannot be ruled out entirely.

Neu Sustanon 250 Weekly Dosage views right wing and left wing violence differently, making the right more dangerous. Right wing attackers are believed to have targeted and killed nine foreign born people from 2000 to 2006. The government figures for 2013 also showed a 19.2% increase in xenophobic acts of violence to 478 committed by the far right.

"Average Joes aren't likely to be victims of left wing attacks but the problem with right wing extremism is that anyone can theoretically be a victim (particularly) if one looks left wing or foreign," said Neu.